Early Childhood Enrichment Ages 3-5

Early Childhood Enrichment

Ages 3–5 

Program Focus
Concordia’s Early Childhood Summer Enrichment Program is held at beautiful Stein Hall. With its grand front porch, beautiful rooms and bucolic setting, Stein Hall is the perfect environment for your child to make an easy transition from home to program where they will make new friends, acquire new skills, discover new concepts and prepare themselves for a successful school year in Preschool or Kindergarten. 

Program Structure
Our program addresses important aspects of the school experience in order to build more confident and outgoing children who learn to interact and socialize with peers and adults, as well as become comfortable separating from their parents or caregivers. The program is designed to develop and improve your child’s fine and gross motor skills which are essential during the school year activities. With these goals in mind, our program employs experienced, dedicated teachers and mature, energetic counselors who help provide a fun and safe summer program experience comprised of four exciting classes: Music, Art, Science and Twinkle Fingers, a fine-motor skills class. The children also enjoy free-play time on the beautiful front lawn of Stein Hall. Come join us for a unique summer program experience! 

Session 1 Theme: American Adventure  June 29–July 17 
This session is chock full of fun and amazing arts, crafts, dance, music and science projects. Our first stop will be sunny California! Bring your surfboard so you can ride the waves along the coast.  Learn all about the waves, beaches and ocean life.  Maybe we'll even meet some Hollywood stars.  Then get on your horse as we ride out to the mid-west where teh buffalo roam.  Hope you bring your sleeping bag because we'll be spending some nights under the stars with cowboys and cowgirls where you will learn how to square dance. Finally, we are heading down the Mississippi River in a steamboat to explore life in and on the river.   More/Register

Session 2 Theme: Twice Upon a Time...   July 20–August 7
It was so nice, we are doing it twice. Back by popular demand, we are continuing our wondrous journey through more of our storybook, fairy tale and nursery rhyme favorites. This session is chock full of fun and amazing arts, crafts, dance, music and science projects. Make sure you wear your bathing suits because this time we are going to swim with Ariel and the mermaids and visit Peter Pan in our homemade boat. Once we come ashore, we’ll walk through the jungle and listen for the boy whose best friend is a bear and sing silly songs. Keep your eyes open for the matching mittens that the three little kittens lost and for the cat who wears boots and a hat. Our journey will end at the castle’s ball but we all must remember to leave by midnight?   More/Register

Session 3 Theme: The Great Galaxy    August 10–21
Enjoy another two weeks of summer fun! In our extended program, we will learn all about astronauts and rocket ships before we put on our space suits and take a journey to another galaxy aboard our special rocket ship! We will visit the “man on the moon” and find out why the moon changes its shape. Then we’ll take a ride on a shooting star through the Milky Way to learn why stars twinkle like a diamond in the sky. Did you ever wonder if there really are aliens living on another planet? Come find out the answer as we explore The Great Galaxy!    More/Register

Early Drop-off & Late Pick-up Services
See General Information Section for details.

Important Note
Campers must be completely toilet-trained. 


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