Early Childhood Enrichment Ages 3-5

Early Childhood Enrichment

Ages 3–5 

Program Focus
Concordia’s Early Childhood Summer Enrichment Program is held at beautiful Stein Hall. With its grand front porch, beautiful rooms and bucolic setting, Stein Hall is the perfect environment for your child to make an easy transition from home to program where they will make new friends, acquire new skills, discover new concepts and prepare themselves for a successful school year in Preschool or Kindergarten. 

Program Structure
Our program addresses important aspects of the school experience in order to build more confident and outgoing children who learn to interact and socialize with peers and adults, as well as become comfortable separating from their parents or caregivers. The program is designed to develop and improve your child’s fine and gross motor skills which are essential during the school year activities. With these goals in mind, our program employs experienced, dedicated teachers and mature, energetic counselors who help provide a fun and safe summer program experience comprised of four exciting classes: Music, Art, Science and Twinkle Fingers, a fine-motor skills class. The children also enjoy free-play time on the beautiful front lawn of Stein Hall. Come join us for a unique summer program experience! 

Session 1 Theme: Wondrous Places of the World! June 27–July 15 
Let's embark on a journey to some of the most wondrous places in our beautiful world.  And what better place to start than with the 7 Natural Wonders.  Let's begin our journey by gazing up at the night sky to see the Northern Lights.  Then plan on a hike down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon before we jump aboard a ship to the Great Barrier Reef.  Once we get our land-legs back, we'll climb the highest mountain in the world!  And then onto the Wonders of the Ancient World.  Let's see if we can find the statue of Zeus in Greece and we absolutely have to spend time exploring the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and maybe we can even figure out how the great pyramids of Egypt were built.  And let's not forget to take time for some photo ops....a picture by the Leaning Tower of Pisa would be great.  And, we can't have a wondrous adventure without stopping to visit the mysterious Stonehenge where stones are laid out in rings and horseshoe shapes on the empty Salisbury Plains.  So don't miss this wondrous journey.  It won't be the same without you!   More/Register

Session 2 Theme: Storytime Classics  July 18–August 5
Plan on having an amazing magical adventure as we explore storytime classics.  Where else can you meet a cat who wears a hat eating green eggs and ham while saving the trees?  You'll also meet a big red dog named Clifford who becomes your best friend just as Franklin and Arthur have.  Make sure you buckle your seat belts before Ms. Frizzle takes us for a ride on her Magic School Bus right into outer space.  No time for a break because it's time to visit the Berstein Bears in their tree house.  Oh and let's take time to cheer up our friend Alexander after the terrible, horrible, very bad day he had.  Count on our friend Harold showing what can be drawn with a purple crayon and I'm sure Strega Nona will cook us something delicious that even the hungry caterpillar will enjoy!  Then let's plan a fabulous ending to our storytime by visiting a school located in Paris where twelve little girls walk all in  straight lines with the littlest one name Madeline.   More/Register

Session 3 Theme: Time Travel Adventure    August 8–19
Wow....we're going into a time machine and take a trip back in time.  If we go really, really far back, I bet we meet some dinosaurs and learn about the climate and forrest that surrounded them.  Then let's set the dial on our time machine forward and visit the Ice Age where we'll need to wear our winter coats to keep warm while looking for a wooley mammoth.  And I've always wanted to met King Arthur.  Maybe he will let us sit at his round table and tell us all about his knights in shining armor.  And if we are lucky, maybe Merlin, the great magiican, will teach us a trick or two.  Now let's hope that we don't run into any dragons before we travel back home!   More/Register

Early Drop-off & Late Pick-up Services
See General Information Section for details.

Important Note
Campers must be completely toilet-trained. 


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