Early Childhood Enrichment Ages 3-5

Early Childhood Enrichment

Ages 3–5 

Program Focus
Concordia’s Early Childhood Summer Enrichment Program is held at beautiful Stein Hall. With its grand front porch, beautiful rooms and bucolic setting, Stein Hall is the perfect environment for your child to make an easy transition from home to program where they will make new friends, acquire new skills, discover new concepts and prepare themselves for a successful school year in Preschool or Kindergarten. 

Program Structure
Our program addresses important aspects of the school experience in order to build more confident and outgoing children who learn to interact and socialize with peers and adults, as well as become comfortable separating from their parents or caregivers. The program is designed to develop and improve your child’s fine and gross motor skills which are essential during the school year activities. With these goals in mind, our program employs experienced, dedicated teachers and mature, energetic counselors who help provide a fun and safe summer program experience comprised of four exciting classes: Music, Art, Science and Twinkle Fingers, a fine-motor skills class. The children also enjoy free-play time on the beautiful front lawn of Stein Hall. Come join us for a unique summer program experience! 

Session 1 Theme: Around the World in 15 Days! June 29–July 17 
We are going to go around the world in only 15 days!  During our first week, we are going to visit China to celebrate their New Year.  In Japan, the cherry blossoms will be blooming and koi fish swimming in the ponds.  And we'll take a ride on an elephant while stopping by India.  The second week, we will travel to the Alps in Switzerland where we will sing and dance, visit the ancient sights in Greece and see where the Olympics began and then off to the Netherlands to pick tulips and learn about the Dutch culture.  Our final week will be going on a safari in South Africa, dancing with the tribes in Kenya and figuring out how pyramids were built in Egypt!  Our trip will end with us celebrating our amazing world with our families and friends.   More/Register

Session 2 Theme: Anything Goes!  July 20–August 7
Anything goes this session because we are going to do a little of everything!  We will learn about American Tall Tales by planting apple trees with our new friend Johnny.  Then we'll go out west to learn how to ride a tornado and hopefully we will meet up with our friend who wears a raccoon hat and is married to a thunder, whirlwind kind of a girl.  Then come listen to our favorite broadway melodies during our second week.  Our favorite little red head will make a bet that the sun will come out tomorrow, while a lion teaches us about the circle of life and if we are lucky, we just might find a genie who will grant us three wishes!  Come help us save the world with superheroes for the final week.  Learn why bats come out at night and spiders spin webs.  Fly around with our favorite cape-wearing friends and end with a special family day where anything goes!   More/Register

Session 3 Theme: Cartoonland    August 10–21
What better way to extend your summer with our two-week encore!  During our first week, we will be visiting a mystical land where little blue creatures sing and dance; then we will help solve crimes with a dog and his shaggy friend.  Finally, we will go into the future with a family who has a robot as a maid and use spaceships to get around.  Spend your last week learning about our favorite puppets created by Jim Henson.  Come play with our 6-foot bird on his famous street and learn which monster loves to eat cookies!  Then we will take a trip to the swamps to meet up with a frog and his boisterious pig wife!  Have you ever been on an adventure with a Fraggle?  We will be going on many to explore the rock caves with our new friends.     More/Register

Early Drop-off & Late Pick-up Services
See General Information Section for details.

Important Note
Campers must be completely toilet-trained. 


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