Enrichment Courses (7/17–8/4)

Enrichment Session 2

Grades 1-9
9am Class Options  

They Puppet Playhouse

Grades 1-3   Session 2    9:00am

Come one, come all to the Puppet Playhouse where you will create amazing puppet characters to be used in our Puppet Playhouse.  Using materials such as socks, felt, cups and yarn, you will create unique puppets for hours of play.  Then let's bring them to life by creating funny names and zany voices.  Your new puppet characters will be the stars of your very own puppet show.  All you have to do is bring your imagination and creativity to the Puppet Playhouse.  Instructor:  Sabrina Mele 


The Busy Baker

Grades 4-6   Session 2    9:00am

This class will keep you busy for the entire time. You will be all about baking and desserts and breads and confections. Each child will be hands on in making breads and measuring ingredients for baked desserts such as cakes, cookies and brownies. There will be friendly completions and taste tests. Instructor:  Barbara Mitchell



Cyberspace Fun Computer

Grades 1-4   Session 2    9am

Let’s explore cyberspace in this awesome computer class! Social Studies, Math and Science…here we come!  In Social Studies, we’ll use Google Earth to visit famous places around the world, build our own online cities and explore interactive maps! If you love Math, we’ll recharge our math skills playing cool computer math games. We’ll have fun science while we discover animals and their habitats, investigate weather, and soar into outer space! You don’t want to miss this exciting adventure into Cyberspace at Concordia!      Instructor:  Dawn Knecht



Hands on Crafty Fun

Grades 1-3    Session 2        9am

Using velvet and other special materials, you can create gorgeous accessories and gifts.   Let’s design a velvet pouch to keep secret object and make a velvet headband for your hair using gems.  Use various velvet mediums and paints to make your own special crafts.  This class is excellent for developing fine motor skills and socialization. Instructor:  Shari Galligan 




Grades 5-9    Session 2     9am

Ruy Lopez, en paissant, or doubled pawns ring a bell? In this more advanced course for intermediate to advanced players, we will focus on openings and tactics with greater intensity. Instructor:  Oshon Temple



Fit and Fun! 

Grades 3-6  Session 2   9am

Do you think being healthy is boring?  Exercise is a drag? Well, this class will change your mind.  Be a team player and get into shape, while building confidence that will set you up for life. We can design a challenge course around the campus and race to the finish line.  Let’s get fit and fabulous!  Instructor: Christina Lamboy


Extra Extra!!!! 

Grades 5-9   Session 2    9am

Come join us and be an ace reporter and search out the most newsworthy stories on campus!   Get ready to interview key people and investigate the happenings around the camp.  Write about what interests you and ask questions your readers will want to know.  No experience necessary, just a creative mind and the love of the written word!   Instructor: TBA



10:45 Class Options


Have Fun with Stain Glass & Plastic

Grades 2-4    Session 2    10:45am

Come enjoy your imagination to create stain glass (plastic) pieces. Let`s make sand art in plastic bottles. You will design interesting unusual treasures using paint and special markers in this fun class.  Instructor:  Shari Galligan 


The First Course

Grades 2-4    Session 2     10:45am

This class will be weekly themed starting with soups of all kinds. From cold soups such as gazpacho to hearty soups that could be a main course. Then we will move on to our salads of all sorts from Waldorf, Caesar and also fruit salads. The final week will be fun and fancy finger foods with the children's individual ideas. Instructor:  Barbara Mitchell



Summertime Storybook Express

Grades 1-3    Session 2    10:45am

Enter the magical world of storybooks.  Let your imagination run wild as you play with your favorite storybook characters.  After each book we read, we will create an amazing art project that highlights the book.  We will create scenery a props and have fun acting out the stories. The possibilities for fun are endless.  Come join the literary adventure of summertime storybooks and get a free book at the end of the class. Instructor:  Sabrina Mele  




Grades 3-5   Session 2   10:45am          

Are marshmallow challenges, gumdrop structures, and ping-pong zip lines of any interest to you? If so, then join us for an exciting series of challenges that will teach you where bridges, buildings, and even motor cycles get their strength.  Instructor:  Oshon Temple 




Grades 1-3  Session 2    10:45am

Yoga teaches children to concentrate and focus, to build strength and flexibility and helps children to learn how to self soothe through various breathing techniques.  In today's highly competitive world, yoga provides children with a non-competitive way to stay healthy and active. Instructor:  Christina Lamboy


Techno Ezine Wonders

Grades 5-9    Session 2     10:45am

Are you fascinated by pop-stars, TV, gaming sports or fashion?  Come foster your interest in journalism by creating your own pre-teen or teen-themed online magazine.  While familiarizing yourself with basic word processing programs like Microsoft Word, WordArt and ClipArt, you’ll have a blast adding content, links, photos, and graphics.  Then create page layouts, a custom cover, and publish your Ezine to the Internet.  Do you want to show everyone the latest fashion in sneakers or maybe you want to write a review on the movie you just saw?  You will also have the opportunity to share your favorite musical interests. If you are into technology, journalism, music, sports, fashion or any of the newest trends then don’t miss this sensational class. Instructor:  Dawn Knecht



Grades 7–9     Session 2     10:45am

Learn amazing digital camera techniques used by professional photographers to create and capture your most important photos.  You will be introduced to traditional photographic and art concepts and instructed on camera settings, lens choices, focus settings, compositional quality, lighting and much more.  Then it's onto fun indoor and outdoor photo shoot sessions where you will experiment with lighting, photographing people and motion.  And finally, you will learn how to enhance your photos using basic photo editing techniques.  Your work will be part of an exciting photo exhibition on the last day of camp.    Instructor:  TBA 


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