Enrichment Courses (6/26–7/14)

Enrichment Session 1

Grades 1-9
9:00am Class Options  

Fairy Tales: Starring You

Grades 1-2      Session 1         9am

Do you love stories that begin with, “Once upon a time?” Let your imagination wander as you travel through the magical kingdoms of fairy tales, and envision what these fairy tales might be like if they happened in your very own world, your very own neighborhood, or even to yourself!  We’ll write our own modern day fairy tale, featuring you as the star!  Create your own props, costumes, and have fun acting out your tale!  Then impress your parents on the last day of class when you show them where your imagination has taken. Instructor:  Sabrina Mele


Cooking 101

Grades 1-3  Session 1  9am

Have fun exploring basic cooking skills that will last a lifetime.  Taste mouth-watering foods as you learn how to read a recipe, follow directions and measure ingredients accurately.   Discover the fun in learning the techniques that can make cooking as easy as 1-2-3!  Instructor:  Barbara Mitchell


Story Express.com

Grades 1-4     Session 1     9am

Toot, toot.... The "The Story Express" is taking off on a fun-filled adventure!  In this computer class we'll visit some of your favorite story books right on the computer!!! We'll read interactive books online, create our own mini-books and play phonics & vocabulary games!  You'll even start to learn how to type on the keyboard!  We'll create our own word wall in the classroom, make alphabet books and picture dictionaries.... using the computer!  Come have fun with us as we explore reading & language arts through the computer!!!!! Instructor:  Dawn Knecht



Yo-Yoing, Juggling, and More

Grades 5-9    Session 1      9am

Ever wonder how to walk the dog, go around the world, or rock the baby? How about juggle three or four balls? Don't miss out on the fun? Instructor:  Oshon Temple


Wearable Art & More

Grades 2-4    Session 1    9am

Let your imagination run wild while you crate fantastic wearable art!  Be creative in your own way!  Want to design your own “emoji” T-shirt or make your own sports cap?  Take a T-shirt, sports cap, flip flops, beach bags and had a little jazz and pizzazz, glitter and paint, and turn it into a brand new thing.   Let’s have fun and bring your fashion and creativity.   Wear your art proudly and show your sense of style.  Instructor:  Shari Galligan


In Style Jewelry

Grades 4-6      Session 1       9am

Do you love wearing jewelry?   How about showing off your own jewelry to your friends and family.  Join us and make your own jewelry that everyone would want to wear, from sea glass to rhinestones, you will always be in style.  Be creative and be stylish showing off your own homemade jewelry.  Instructor:  Christina Lamboy



Grades 5-9    Session 1     9am

Do you want to build complex machines and robots of your own creation? In Supreme Machines & Robots, your mechanical and engineering skills will be put to the test.  With the use of electronic motors and infrared wireless remotes, you will create cranes, planes, bulldozers, robots and more!  Campers will collaborate in teams to design and build complex machines and robots while experimenting with different shapes, gears and motors.  Daily challenges will be given, from water delivery, to logistics missions and obstacle course. Teams whose machines and robots meet the challenges will gain points and a chance to win the Supreme Machine trophy.  It can be yours? Instructor:  TBA



10:45 Class Options

Creepy Crawling Creatures

Grades 1-2   Session 1   10:45am

Discover the fascinating world of creepy crawling creatures.  Watch and observe how ladybugs grow in their natural habitat.  Learn how ants build their homes and then watch how ants work together as we observe them in our own ant farm.  Come buzz around and learn about the amazing bees and other insects.  Have fun creating your own ickiest bugs, building a classroom hive, and edible insects.  Instructor:  Sabrina Mele 


Paint like A Master

Grades 2-5      Session 1    10:45am

Would you like to paint a wooden door sign for your room?  Or make a name plate using a funky font? Well this class is for master painters. You can design painted patterns on ceramic objects or paint your own masterpiece. The possibilities are endless.   Instructor:  Shari Galligan 


Grades 1-4     Session 1    10:45am

e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 Do you speak chess? Whether your answer is yes or no, join us for three weeks of strategy, analysis, notation, and tactics. Beginners and intermediate players are welcome.  Instructor:  Oshon Temple 



Creative Casserole

Grades 5-9     Session 1   10:45am

This class would be a Hodge Podge of popular dishes with a twist.  Example: Mexitalian-  Asian-fusion, East meets west and such. This class would be a Hodge Podge of popular dishes. We will work as a group to decide on dishes that we will all try. Each week will be different combinations of dishes. Example: American. Asian, Italian and Mexican to name a few.

Instructor:  Barbara Mitchell



Bridge the Gap

Grades 2-4     Session 1   10:45am

Join our mighty marvels of engineers for a unique building experience.  Learn how to use a compass, protractor, graph paper and other learning aides to create your very own architectural blue prints. Use these blueprints to design impressive structures out of different types of materials.  Each week will feature a new theme and set of challenges.  You will be able to be creative as you want.   Instructor:  TBA


Disney Broadway Stars

Grades 3-6   Session 1   10:45am

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a Disney star? In this class we will create customs of popular Disney Broadway musicals. We will also sing and dance to our favorite Disney music.  We will get to wear our creations at the end of camp Disney party.  Instructor:  



Computer Coding Journey

Grades 5-9    Session 1    10:45am

Whether or not you want to be the next Zuckerberg, programming is a highly useful skill for you to learn.  It teaches you problem-solving, creativity, and communication skills.  Plus, it can be lots of fun!  In this class we will explore different platforms that teach you how to code through the activities you already love: Interactive Stories, Animations and Games!  In this computer class you will begin to learn the fundamentals of programming and design using an array of platforms; such as Code Studio, Scratch, Tynker and more!  Come explore the exciting world of Computer Programming & Coding! Instructor:  Dawn Knecht







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