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Rock/Pop Music 2-Week Intensive

Rock/Pop Music 2-Week Intensive

Rock/Pop Music 2-Week Intensive

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Price: $540.00
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Rock/Pop Music
July 24 - August 4
Grades 6-10

Early Registration Before March 1                     After March 1
$1030                                                                     $1080

We are talking a real band with real guitars, bass, drums, keyboards and vocals. Learn to arrange music, along with the ins and outs or performance in an intensive 4-week sessin. Bands will be coached on rhythm, playing solos, balancing sound, microphone technique and general ensemble playing. We will delve into the style of classic rock, metal, power pop and more. The program culminates in a concert at Concordia Conservatory's Summer Music Festival and a recording session. Have a legit answer when someone asks "What did you do this summer?"





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