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Sports Program Session 2 (7/17–8/4)

Sports Program Session 2 (7/17–8/4)

Sports Program Session 2 (7/17–8/4)

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Campers are divided by age into small groups (approximately 10-12 children) under the supervision of qualified/trained counselors (ages 18-25) who are assisted by counselors-in-training (ages 15-17).
Each day includes lunch in Concordia College’s dining hall, which is included in the cost of the program. Campers then participate in four sports activities each day. The schedule of activities changes from day-to-day to provide a variety of activities throughout the week and on Fridays, campers enjoy water inflatable fun. There are sport-specific instructors for basketball, soccer, and tennis. All other activities are facilitated by group counselors. In addition, all programers enjoy at least one off-site trip each session to go bowling at Homefield Bowl in Yonkers. 
Time is set aside each day for rest, snacks, drinks and bathroom breaks.




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