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Enrichment Classes - Grades 1-9 Session 2

Enrichment Classes - Grades 1-9 Session 2

Enrichment Classes - Grades 1-9 Session 2

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* 9am 1st Choice S2:
* 9am 2nd Choice S2:
* 10:45 1st Choice S2:
* 10:45 2nd Choice S2:
Price: $900.00
Deposit: $150.00
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Morning Enrichment 

Session 2  Grades 1-9 

Session 2:
Dates: July 17–August 4 
Times: 9am–Noon
Cost:  $900 ($850 if registered prior to 3/31/17)

Extended Day (Optional):  
Time:  Noon – 3pm    Cost:  $740 ($690 if registered prior to 3/31/17)

Program Focus
Provide exciting, fun, creative, and stimulating courses to satisfy a wide range of interests that will challenge the mind and imagination while fostering personal growth.  Programers will learn new skills designed to uncover hidden talents and develop a life-long love of learning.

Program Structure
The Morning Enrichment Program consists of a 9:00am and 10:45am class with a half-hour break between classes for outdoor playtime, snack, and beverage which are included in the cost of the program.  And every Friday, from 10:45am to noon, campers enjoy playing on water inflatables. Please see our Session 1 and Session 2 sections for course descriptions.  Families registering campers will be required to select a "1st choice" enrichment program option along with an alternative option for each enrichment time slot.

The Afternoon Enrichment Program starts with lunch which is included in the cost of the program and features structured class offerings as well as outdoor play.  Please see the Afternoon Enrichment page for a program description.







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